July 30, 2007

Sambar Rice

A lunchbox recipe

Keep these ready :

Cooked rice – 2 cups
Tuvar dal – 1 cup
Tomatoes – 2 nos
Small onions – 10 nos
Drumstick – 1 no
Carrot – 1 no
Turmeric – a pinch
Chilly powder – 1 tspn
Coriander powder -2 tspn
Tamrind extract – 2 tbl spn

Mustard – 1 tspn
Methi seeds – ¼ tspn
Red chilly – 2 nos
Green chilly – 2 nos
Curry leaves – few


Pressure cook tuvar dal with one tomato chopped into pieces.

Take a pan. Add oil and add the seasoning items.
Add onions. Saute till they become soft.
Add chopped tomato.
When it is cooked, add the vegetables. ( You can use bringal/ash gourd/pumpkin). You can use vegetables of your choice.
Add turmeric,chiily powder, coriander powder and salt.
Mix well.Add enough water to cook the vegetables.
Cover and cook for 10 mts.
If the vegetables are cooked well, add the cooked tuvar dal. Mash the dal before adding.
Add the tamarind extract. When it starts boiling remove from fire.
Add fresh coriander and curry leaves.
Take the rice in a bowl. Slightly mash it with the ladle. Mix sambar with the rice well.

July 25, 2007

Maddur Vada

This popular snack of Karnataka is named after the town Maddur in Mandhya district. This vada is unique to the Karnataka state.
Here goes the recipe for mouthwatering, crispy vadas, which I learnt from a cookery show in a television channel

You need:
Raw rice powder – 1 cup
Wheat flour – ½ cup
Rava – ½ cup
Maida- ½ cup
Onion – 1
Curry leaves – 4 strands
Green chilly – 4 nos
Oil – for deep frying

How to make the vadas

Mix all the flours,salt, chopped onion, chillies and curry leaves. Mix well
Heat 3 tbspn of oil to smoking point. Pour the oil to the mix
Take a small portion of the mixture and mix water. Make a soft dough.
It is not advisable to mix the whole portion with water, since by the
time we prepare, the mixture will be soggy and it will absorb too
much of oil. Also you may not get crispy vadas.

Take a plastic sheet. Grease it with oil. Take a small ball of the mixture and keep it on the sheet.
Spread to thin vadas of small pappad size by your fingers.
Deep fry with medium flame.

July 24, 2007

Raddish Chutney


Medium sized raddish – 2 Nos
Onion - 1

Coriander seeds – 1 tb spn
Methi seeds – ¼ tspn
Urad dhal – 1 ½ tspn
Red chilli – 2
Jeera – ½ tspn


Grate the raddish and fry it with little oil.
Saute onion.
Roast coriander seeds, urad dal, red chilli, methi seeds and jeera with little oil.
While roasting, add jeera and methi towards the end since it might get burnt.
Grind all the ingredients, except onion, to a fine paste.
Then add onion and grind coarsely.

This chutney goes well with dosa and chappathi.

July 21, 2007

Baingan Kurma

Things Needed

Brinjal - 1/2 Kg
Onion - 100 gm
Tomato - 200gm
Curd - 1/2 cup
Oil - 2 tbpsn
Garam masala - 1/2 tspn

Grinding -1

Garlic - 50 gm
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Chilli powder - 1 tbsp
Coriander powder - 1 tbsp
cumin seed - 1/2 tsp

khus khus (poppy seeds) - 2 tsp
turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

Grinding -2

Grated coconut- 1/4 cup


Cut the brinjal into long pieces. Apply little chilly powder,turmeric and salt. Keep it for 15 minutes.
Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the brinjals till light brown and remove.
In the remaining oil, fry onion till soft.
Add the grinded masala 1 to it and fry till aroma comes.
Add the chopped tomatoes and salt
When tomoatoes are cooked, add the fried brinjal and add little water.
Cook for 5 mts till the gravy thickens.
Add the grounded coconut paste and beaten curd.
Cook till it boils.
Sprinkle garam masala powder and remove.

July 19, 2007

Microwave Tomato Rasam


Medium sized tomatoes - 2 Nos

Tamarind extract - 2 tbspn
Water - 2 cups
Red chilly - 3
Jaggery powdered - 1/2 tbspn (Optional)

For Powdering

Pepper - 5 corns
Coriander seeds - 1 tbspn
Cumin seeds - 1 tspn

Slightly fry all the three ingredients and powder them finely.


Make puree of the tomatoes

Take a microwave safe bowl. Mix tomato puree,tamrind extract, water,salt, jaggery, powdered masala.Add the red chillies after breaking into two.

Keep in the oven for 4 mts at micropower high

Stir once and keep for another 1 minute depending on your oven type.

Season with mustard seeds. Add curry leaves and coriander leaves.

You can use this rasam with rice or drink it as soup. It will be a good appetizer.

Microwave Mysurpa

This is the microwave version of the mysurpa. Unlike the traditional way of making, this is quite easy and can be quickly made.

Besan flour - 1 cup
Powdered sugar - 2 cups
Ghee - 1 cup
Milk - 2 tspn

Lightly fry the besan. This is just to remove the raw smell of besan. You can as well heat the pan for few minutes till it turns hot. Remove the pan from fire. Then add besan and keep mixing for sometime. That heat is enought to roast the besan flour.

Mix besan,powdered sugar and ghee in a microwave safe bowl. Make sure no lumps are there.

Keep it in oven for 2 1/2 mts at micropower high.

Take the bowl out and add milk and mix well.

Again keep for 2 1/2 mts at micropower high.
Here please check after one minute .Becoz, the heat differs from oven to oven.So there is a chance that it might get burnt if kept for a longer time. So check in between. You can make out the change in the color of the mixture. It froths.

Remove the bowl and mix well.

Transfer the contents to a greased plate.

When cool, cut into pieces.

You get very soft,tasty mysurpas in five mts

Total prepration time - 15 mts

July 7, 2007

Coriander Chutney

Kothamalli Thokayal


Coriander leaves - 1 cup
curry leaves - 1 strand (optional)
urad dal - 2 tb spn
red chilli - 3 nos
tamarind paste - tbspn

How to prepare
Raost urad dal and red chilli with a teaspoon of oil. When urad dal turns red, remove from fire
Saute coriander and curry leaves for a minute, till they change the color.
Grind all the ingredients to a coarse paste. Thokayals taste good if it is grinded caorsely.

Enjoy with molakootal. This will go with dosa/chappathis also.

Madras Vethakozhambu

I think I should rename this as chennai vethakozhambu...

Chundakka/manathankkali vethal - 2 tb spn
Red chilli - 2 nos
methi seeds - 1 tspn
small onion - 8 nos (optional)
mustard - 1 tspn
Gingelly oil (Nallennai) - 2 tbspn
tamarind - small lemon size
turmeric - a pinch

Coriander seeds - 2 tbspn
red chilli - 6 nos
jeera - 1 tspn
methi seeds- 1 tspn
curry leaves - 1 strand

Grind the above ingredients in powder form. Don't add water. It is not necessary that it should be powdered finely.

Take a wok. Add gingelly oil (I prefer nallennai. it tastes good).
Add mustard seeds. when splutters, add red chilly and vethal.
Let it fry for 2/3 minutes
Add onions and saute till it turns brown.
Then add the grinded masala . Fry for a minute.
Add the extracted tamarind juice, turmeric and salt.
Let it simmer and when it starts to thicken, remove from fire.

Small quanitity of the kozhambu is taken while mixing with rice unlike sambhar and other kootans.

July 2, 2007

Nenthrapazham varattiyathu - (Banana in jaggery syrup)

Ripe banana - 1
Powdered jaggery - 4 tbspn
ghee- 2 tspn
powdered cardamom - 1/2 tspn

Take one ripe nethrapazham variety of banana. It shld not be over ripe.
Cut into circles of 1/4 inch thick pcs. Don't slice into thin circles since it will be get mashed when u mix later.
Take a non-stick pan.
Add a tspn of ghee and add the banana pcs.
Cook it over low heat.
When it is 3/4 th cooked, add powdered jaggery and mix well.
Cover and cook for 5 mts.
The jaggery would have melted and get coated over the banana pcs. Remove from fire and half a tspn of ghee and a tspn of cardamom powder.

A good breakfast accompaniment. healthy too....

Following the same steps,it can be cooked in microwave oven also.