June 7, 2008

Pumpkin Halwa in Microwave

Pumpkin halwa is part of almost all breakfast menu served for brahmin marriages. If its not this sweet, then mostly Kesari takes its place. Every time I taste the halwa for marriage breakfasts, I wanted to try it at home. And this is the first time I am trying. I am happy that it came out well. I didn't have any recipe to follow. I think basic method for preparing any vegetable halwa/sweet is the same.


Ripe pumpkin grated - 2 cups
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 1/2 cups
Orange color - 1/4 tspn
Cardamom powder - 1 tspn
Ghee- 1 tblspn

Take a MW safe bowl. Mix grated pumpkin and milk. Mix the food color in a tablespoon of milk and add to the milk+pumpkin mix.

MW high for 4 minutes. By then the pumpkin must be cooked and milk be fully absorbed. Its alright If pumpkin is cooked and some milk left.

Stir in sugar. MW high for 12 minutes. Keep stirring at every 4 minutes. By then it must have cooked to form a homogeneous mixture.

Add a tablespoon of ghee and powdered cardamom.

MW for another 1 minute.

Timings may vary according to your MW and the texture of pumpkin used. Adjust accordingly.
Cooking in MW doesn't call for constant attention as on stove top method.

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  1. Thanks for your award ..i am so glad..infact you made my day!!!
    Pumpkin halwa in mw sounds great.. i love this halwa..have one in my blog too.

  2. nice version of halwa...looks delicious,...hvent tried before..

  3. jayasree..halwa looks very crispy and yummy!

  4. Good one, I make it with bottle gourd in MW too. Looks delicious Jaya.
    Enjoy your awards sweetie!:))

  5. Wow, delicious one in MW :) congrats on your award

  6. Wow, the halwa looks mouth-watering! Congrats on the awards!

  7. Congrats on the award, dear....and thankyou for passing it on to me.
    Have you ever tasted this halwa made by Akshaya caterers(Palakkad)....it is absolutely finger licking delicious....
    I like your microwave version.

  8. Pumpkin halwa sounds like a great idea. It must have had a nice color too. Thanks for sharing,

  9. I have tried it with the red pumpkin too, in the microwave oven. It's also very delicious. If you add some condensed milk and a couple teaspoons of MTR's Badam Feast, the taste is so different and so good.

  10. The halwa looks delicious. And the MW has made life easier!
    Thank you for the award, Jayasree, I really appreciate it.

  11. I remember my mom making this halwa the normal way and it tooked lot of stirring and time.
    I am sure if i tell this recipir to her she will tell me why MW was not there when she was making this halwa.
    This looks delicious

  12. Pumpkin halwa sounds great, Jayasree!! Will have to try this out soon. :)

  13. And congrats on the well deserved awards, dear!! :)

  14. Pumpkin Halwa looks yummy!!In MW it's easy to make too.And congrats on the awards :)

  15. Visiting ur blog first time.U have a nice and lovely blog.
    pumkin halwa looks delicious and yummy.

  16. I make this halwa but never made in microwave. Should try next time.

  17. In Microwave..wow..that looks delicious..will try soon..Congrats on the award

  18. sowmya, thanks. Saw ur version too. You have also got it perfect.

    notyet100, thanks. Do try. Its easy.

    srivalli, thanks.

    ashakka, thanks. Bottlegourd is one veggie which is yet to enter my kitchen.

    cham,uma thanks.

    jayashree, I must hv tasted Askaya's but next time shall chk the caterer's name when i get an opportunity.
    In MW, its not tiresome.

    meera, thanks. Its very tasty. Do try.

    madhuram, thanks for those tips. Shall try to add them next time i make.

    aparna, thanks. Indeed MW is a gr8 timesaver.

    HC, thanks. Next time, suprise your mom making it in MW.

  19. I'm glad I stopped by to see this dessert made with delicious pumpkin!

  20. Congrats for the awards raining over at your space and thank you so much, Jaya for passing one on to me! Missed you all so much without the net:)


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