November 15, 2008

Tapioca/Kappa cutlet

Tapioca is one of the staple food of Kerala, next to rice. Every part of Kerala refers to Tapioca in a different name. Kappa, Kolli, Poola, Marachini are some of the names to my knowledge. May be there are more which I am not aware of. Last year, during this time, my Dad was here with us for a month. He visited my grandma during his stay and happened eat some fresh Kappa there. On his return, he got the stem of the plant for me, so that we too can enjoy tasty kappa at home. This is the bounty I got from a single plant this year. Thanks Appa. There were five plants. I have kept one for him, who will be reaching here, next week.

As like any Keralite, kappa is a hot favorite at my home too. We enjoy kappa boiled with salt and turmeric. The ideal dip is the classic ulli chammanthi. I can have that for lunch and dinner too. This variety was very fast to cooking. It got cooked in less than 10 minutes on stove top. Usually, I pressure cook. I made some tapioca chips, prepared the usual upperi as side for rice. Made this cutlet to be served with tea on a weekend.

Tapioca chopped into cubes - 2 cup

onion - 1

green chilly - 4 nos

ginger - a small wedge

curry leaves



oil for frying

Maida - 2 tblspn

bread crumbs - 1 cup

Cook tapioca with turmeric and salt. The cooked water is usually discarded since some toxic from the root is released on cooking. Heat oil in a kadai. Add the chopped chillies,ginger and curry leaves. Add chopped onion to it and saute till pink. Crumble the cooked tapioca and mix with the seasonings. Check the salt and let it cook for few minutes. Cool and mix together. Take lemon sized mixture and shape into patties.

Take 2 tablespoon of maida and add water to make a thin batter. Add a pinch of salt. Dip the patties in the batter and roll it over the bread crumbs.Heat a tawa. Drizzle few drops of oil. Place the cutlets on tawa and drizzle few drops of oil on the cutlets. When the bottom is browned, carefully flip it and cook the other side. Serve with your favorite chutney or sauce. I was in a hurry, so could not roast them longer for even browning.

Vidhaas has passed me the Perfect friendship and Hard working blogger award. Thank you Vidhaas and I appreciate your thoughfulness.

These cutlets are off to Local Eats Event hosted at Joelen's Culinary Adventures.


  1. wow, great to know u ve a bounty of kappa from ur garden :) The cutlet is new, I simply steam with salt and eat! Lovely recipe!

  2. cutlets looks really the last picture..

  3. I have had kappa appalams, but never had tapioca as such. I have heard a lot from my Keralite friends. You could send this to Joelen's Local Eats adventure. Tomorrow midnight is the deadline!

  4. Harini,thanks for info on the event. Have updated my post. Its the kappa season now. Try it if its available in ur market.

  5. Haven't come across kolli cutlets until now. Unlike most Keralites, though, I don't care much for kolli. Even during my hostel days, I used to trade my plate of kolli for something else.

  6. Just reading the title i was drooling, i love kappa and this looks so delicious.

  7. Looks delicious! Never had tapioca before (except in store bought chips).

  8. ooh, the culets are mouthwatering.

  9. They look so delicious.Similar to potato cutlets

  10. I like your blog.

  11. This is new to me. Looks very yummy. Actually, i have never bought tapiaco before. I recently had tapioca chips and loved it. Have to try this for sure.

  12. Hi Jayashree,

    I am visiting your site after a long time.wonderful produce from your garden and i like the cutlets that you have made. Very nice.....

  13. Kappa cutlet? Looks very nice, Jayasree.
    We love our kappa so I'm sure this will be a hit, when I find kappa in Goa that is!:)
    Else we will come over some time. :D

  14. cutlets looks so light and delicious.. I just wanted to say Bye b4 i go on a long break.. Miss u..

  15. Wow nice cutlets looks great, nice and crispy...

  16. Aparna,sure, you are most welcome.

  17. Hey! I never heard of this, but tapioca is one of my most fav. tubers. So like it a lot.


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