February 2, 2009

Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event

Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC) event stops at Kailas Kitchen for the month of February. Thanks to Srivalli for giving me the opportunity and this is the first event I am hosting. With the MEC event, I have utilized my microwave oven much beyond re-heating and few basic cooking which I used to do. I am sure many of you will agree with this. And here is the theme for the month of February- MEC : Puddings.

(Thanks Srivalli for the logo)

Here are the participation details :

1. Cook kheer/payasam/pudding for the event. The entire cooking has to be done in the microwave. You can use food processor for grinding and the like. But no stove top cooking to be done. Please post only vegetarian recipes for the event.

2. Entries posted from 1 - 28th Feb,2009 is acceptable.

3. Send me your entries to kailaskitchen@gmail.com with the following details

Subject - MEC:Puddings
Blog name
Recipe name
Recipe URL
A photo of the final dish

4. Please use the event logo and its not compulsory. Your entry post should contain the link to the event announcement and Srivalli's MEC Announcement.

5. Multiple entries are welcome. If any of your previous posts qualify for this theme, you can send them too, provided it is re posted with the link to the event announcement.

6. Non-bloggers are invited to participate in the event. You can mail me your recipe and a photograph of the dish to the mail id mentioned above.

Looking forward to delicious entries. I shall post the round up in the first week of March.


  1. will surely try to participate..

  2. I missed MEC paneer! I will surely plan for this one at least!

  3. I will see if I have any MW Pudding recipe! :)

  4. Thank you for hosting Jayasree, I am sure pudding will be a great theme...

  5. I will come with something Jaya! Good Luck for ur first event!

  6. Surely will try to send in something. Btw..I noticed that i the first line you have written Microsoft Easy Cooking ..I think you would like to edit it.

  7. I always thought of December as the month of puddings, but it's raining puddings for me. The book club is reading Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, so I have to make one already. Let me see if I can make that one in a microwave :)

  8. sowmya,dibs I am counting on you.

    jayshree, thanks and expecting a recipe from you

    Asha akka, I am sure you will come with a delicious pudding.

    Valli,Its my pleasure

    Cham, thanks. I am sure you will sent one.

    LG, thanks for pointing it out. Have edited the post. Looking forward to your delicious entry.

    Simran, do make the pudding in MW, two birds in one shot.

  9. hi jaysree,

    Is it ok if i also participate? do i need anything specific for this? or is it open to anyone???

  10. Hello Shobha, you can very much participate. I will be happy to have your entry. The only criteria is to cook it fully in the microwave and stick to the theme - Puddings which includes kheer/payasam too.

    Hope it is clear for you.

  11. Nice to see you're hosting this, Jayasree.
    I've never made a pudding in the MW. So I'll have to see what I can do........

  12. anu, looking forward to your delicious entry.

    Aparna, I am sure you can come up with a yummy entry.

  13. have fun hosting your first event Jaya! Will try to send something.

  14. Good event.have to think real hard for this one.

  15. Good event. Sure to send my posting.

  16. Uma,n33ma,RK,Swapna, Looking forward to your delicious entries.


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