January 22, 2008


When I came across the AFAM event, I noted the fruit is Papaya. I was pondering what to prepare with it. Its mostly used as a vegetable in my kitchen. If it is ripe, it is eaten. I wanted to dish out a not so common recipe using Pappaya. I was discussing with MIL regarding this. It was then she mentioned about Jujups and told me that she has noted the recipe in one of her diaries. She added that she has not tried making it. The search for the recipe diary turned successful. But the Jujups recipe was not in the diary pages, it was noted down in a sheet of paper. The sheet has possibly survived a minimum of 25 years. One can imagine its condition. It was so delicate. If I hold the sheet in my hand, it will turn into pieces. Actually it was almost in pieces. Being in between the diary sheets for so many years, it was maintaining the sturcture somehow.Anyway, I managed to write the ingredients and method and bid a farewell to the paper.

I was not sure how it will turn out. Nonetheless, decided to go ahead with the recipe. My MIL also said she is not sure if the recipe is a fool proof one. Till the final stage of the prepration, I was apprehensive of the end result. Finally, it was worth the effort. It turned out much better than the store bought one. This recipe is a keeper for me.

Before you all get impatient with my long introduction, let me go to the recipe now.
You will require

Grated pappaya - 2 cups

Salt - 2 tspn

Sugar - 1 1/2 cups

Water - 3/4 cup

Essence (your choice) - 1 tspn (I used orange)

Lime - 2 Nos


Select a ripe and firm papaya. Else when you grate, it will turn mushy.

Soak the grated papaya in water with 2 tspn salt added to it. Leave this for half an hour

Wash and drain the papaya
Take a kadai or a heavy bottom vessel.

Add 3/4 cup water and papaya. Cover and cook the papaya till the whole water is evaporated. It took 15 minutes for me.

Add sugar to it. Keep stirring. When the sugar melts and the papaya turns into a sticky mass, add essence and lime juice. This step took 10 minutes

Cook for 2 minutes. Remove from fire.

Grease a plate with ghee and transfer the cooked mixture to it.

When it is warm and you can hold in your hand, take a spoon
full and shape it. Dip your fingers in water and start rolling. It will be easier to shape them.

Later roll on sugar and keep it aside.

Enjoy your jujups. Once you taste this, you will stop buying from stores.

Next time, I should try in MW. I can make it with less physical strain.

This goes to the monthly event AFAM, hosted by Nags for the month of Jan with the fruit - Papaya.


  1. When i saw the tittle it made me smile. When i was a teenager we used to eat this. But i don't know if it was made frm papaya as it was always shops bought.
    It looks just like tha one we get in shops. Excelent way of making them with papaya

  2. HC, thanks for dropping by. Even now, I don't know if the shop bought ones r made out of papaya.

  3. Jayasree, lovely recipe.
    I think the shop bought ones use some form of gelatin/ agar (china grass).

  4. Oh my my :)..you really impress me here! :)..
    My sis would happily grab this :)
    Very unique and fantastic recipe,Jayasree :)

  5. Aparna, thanks for the info
    Bharathy, glad,u liked it.

  6. I really love jujups n never thought could be made at home. Wonderful recipe, thank you soo much.

  7. shella, thanks for the visit and comment. Even I didnot know that it cld be easily made at home.

  8. I remember eating it as a kid. Liked it, so I named my new company after it. Check out www.jujups.com


  9. Sivam, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could understand how much you must have loved jujups.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this recipe on your blog. It has helped me find out this "not so easy to find" recipe quickly.



  11. I like coming across old recipes, even the ones that are falling apart. It makes them that much more special :). I'd like to share this recipe with our readers, please let me know if you're interested!

    Sophie, Key Ingredient Chief Blogger

  12. wow jayasree...thats really such a treasure..always wondered what its made of!!!..its such a surprise...:)..thanks to your MIL and your patience..I learnt something new...maybe I shall try in mw..I had made halwa for the event..so this must be on the same lines...:)...how are you otherwise doing?..hope things are fine at your end..

  13. Hey Jayashree, I tried this jujups and posted today on my blog!!!! Thanks a ton for sharing:)


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