May 28, 2008

Instant Wheat Appam and an Award

Neyyappam or Appam is always the traditional one using rice, for me. Never I have bothered to try anyother versions. When I was discussing various quick snacks, with one of my Christian friend J, she told me about this appam. When her kids ask for any sweet dishes, she makes this easily. J said she adds maida (AP flour) also. I made with wheat flour alone to make it a healthier version.

Wheat flour - 2 cups

Jaggery powdered - 1 1/2 cup (Adjust to suit your palate)

Cardamom powder - 1 tspn

Ghee or Oil for frying

Melt jaggery with 1 cup of water. Strain for any impurities. Add the melted jaggery to wheat flour without forming any lumps. Add water to the batter if required, to get a pouring consistency. The batter should be like dosa batter.

Take the appam pan. If you are using non-stick pan, add teaspoon full of ghee into each pit. Spoon in the batter to 3/4th of each pit. After 2 minutes, slowly turn the appams with the help of a skewer and cook for another one minute. Repeat for the rest of the batter.

Spongy appams are ready in less than 15 minutes.

Sowmya of Creativesaga has passed on the Nice Matters Award.

About the award

“Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

Thanks a ton Sowmya for passing the award to me. I know I have delayed in picking up the award and passing it on. Better late than never and I am passing the award to


Prema Sundar



Please accept and enjoy your awards. You all deserve it.


  1. wheat appam sounds nice!...enjoy your award

  2. Healthy and great dessert too. Enjoy the award Jaya. Hugs to you!:)

  3. Wheat appams seems to be a good idea....congrats for your award

  4. i have bought appam pan this time coming bk from india and collecting all good recipe. wheat appams sounds delicious jaya. thank u for posting it.

  5. This is the sweet I make usually when I need some prashad for a pooja and dont have much time. As you said kids just love it.
    A twist can be given to this dish by filling it with a cooked mixture of coconut and jaggery. Surprise the kids when they bite into it!

    Congrats on your award. You have a nice collection of recipes here.

  6. Congrats, dear! My sister swears by them, but even I have always stuck to rice. I just love your recipes:)

  7. Thank u so much for choosing me jayashree ,I am happy

  8. Love appam, looks delicious Jaya

  9. A nice variation....I have tried rava appam and that's good too....

  10. delicious appam. Congrats on the award.

  11. loved the fav..been a long time though since i had one..

  12. congrats on ur award and a nice yummy appam

  13. Congrats on your award Jayasree.

    Even my mother in law makes this one. You can also prepare dosas with this batter. It's my husband's favorite.

  14. Great idea to use wheat flour in making appam! Congrats on the award, dear! You definitely deserve it. :)

  15. Nice fiber-rich version of appam, Jaya! Congrats on your award!

  16. appam sounds wonderful...congrats on the award,,you deserve it..

  17. Look as good as the original. And congrats.
    Hope everything is ok and back to routine.

  18. Congrats for the award and this wheat appam looks very healthy and delicous..

  19. HC,Valli,Ashakka,bhags - Thank you all for the nice words.

    sia - Do try this. I am sure you will like it.

    Roma, thanks for the filling tip. Surely try this next time.

    SSMom>, thanks. Its worth trying the wheat version.

    sagari you deserve it.

  20. cham thanks.
    Jayashree Shall try the rava version next time. Thanx for the idea.

    Uma,Sangeeth,Vani,Kalai,Sowmya,Hetal Thanks.

    ranji thanks. So now its time for u to do it again.

    madhuramThanks Yeah, I make dosas too with this batter. I hv posted the recipe for the same.

    AparnaThanks. It tastes also good. Things r yet to be back to routine.

  21. Appam sounds very easy ... love to make it but do not have an appam pan . (have to borrow)...
    Congrats on the award and thanks for passsing this award to me.

  22. Hi
    I am prathiba from the indian food court. Your appam looks really great and feel like having a few foe tiffin.


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