May 22, 2009

Mango Thokku

Come Summer, every household will be busy making pickles and variety of sun dried goodies to last the rest of the year. Raw mangoes are pickled in various ways. This is an instant pickle which can be consumed immediately and do not require any standing time before consuming.


Raw mangoes, chopped - 2 cups

Gingely oil - 4 tblpsn

Chilli powder - 3 tspn

Salt - 2 tspn

Roasted and powdered methi/fenugreek seeds - 1 tspn

Mustard powder - 1 tspn

The mangoes should be raw and sour. Wash and wipe the mangoes dry. Chop the mangoes into pieces with skin. If the skin is very thick, you can scrap and chop. The pieces are not chopped uniformly.

Take a MW safe bowl. Add 2 tablespoon of gingely oil and the chopped mangoes pieces. MW high for 3 minutes. This is to make the mango soft. If you want it mushy, keep for another 2 minutes. Add chilli powder, salt, methi powder, mustard powder and the remaining 2 tblspn of oil. Mix well, so that the spices coat the pieces well. MW for 3 minutes. Cool and store in dry, airtight bottles. It will stay good for a week outside and 2 weeks on refrigeration. The chilli powder i used is very hot which is specifically for pickles. You can adjust the amount of chilli according to your taste.
Usually, these kind of pickles are made not to last too long.

This is my entry to MEC:Extras, hosted by Rachel, an event originated at Srivalli's


  1. Lotsa Mango pickles on the blogsphere these days... Sure this will go well with any dish... I like to have Mango pickle with Dosa

  2. Nice, quick way of making thokku.

  3. I made mango also for the event but different yet to post. Never made thokku sounds simple!

  4. drool... Jaya, care to send a bottle my way?

  5. mango thokku looks so spicy and delicious Jaya! Nice entry :)

  6. jayasree..never thought thokku was so simple..thanks for sharing..

  7. simple spicy and mouthwatering recipe love to have with curd rice

  8. Oh!, mouthwatering.., just think of pickles & ur mouth waters !!, so, just seeing it now makes it more!!, I do make mango thokku but in a different way, this is new to me ...., will try sometime when i get nice raw mangoes..., which is very rare here !!

  9. Nothing like home made pickle...though i have considerably reduced its consumption(Read.. almost NILL) its very hard for me to resist the temptation for digging my teeth in such tangy things
    Instant word makes this pickle more

  10. wow love all the spices , n so easy too

  11. This one of my "must make" pickles everymango season.
    But I've never done it in the MW. Have to hand it to you. Great time saver. :)

  12. Same pinch, Lakshmi. I have about 20 raw mangoes and am planning to pickle them too.

  13. Never knew thokku could be prepared in MW.Thanks for the recipe


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