September 19, 2009

Navarathri Golu 2009 Pictures

Here are few pics of the golu at my home. I keep Golu inside my pooja room. I have make shift golu padis made to suit the room.

Decoration above the golu

Chettiyar with arisi and paruppu (Rice & Dal)

We don't have practise of Varalakshmi nombu. And my MIL wanted to deck up Devi and keep for the Golu. This is our first attempt. In the process, we got the hang of it. So next year may be we can better ourselves. We planned to keep it as part of the Golu. But it did not match the height of the Golu padis. So decided to keep Devi just outside the Pooja room. To match that, moved Chettiyar and his wares to the other end.

Every day morning, I make a payasam to be offered after the pooja and sundals are reserved for the evening bhakshanam. Today is neipayasam.

My sister at Gurgaon has sent her golu pic. This is the first time she has kept Golu.


  1. Kolu vechchaachaa? Can I come home?

  2. Wow just love this post, very divine!

  3. Nice golu. i like the baba photo very much

  4. Super kolu....Made me really go back to Nma. If I was in Mumbai now, wud have definitely come to Palakkad to c urs. Next time will see. take Care akka..

  5. Lovely kolu Jayasree. Ravi Varma's Saraswathi and Baba grace the decoration nicely. chettiar is cute, don't you have his concort? Your sister's golu looks very nice too.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Vidya, would love to have u over. During u next visit to Nma,do come home.

    Lata akka, thanks for the detailed comment. Glad to know u have noticed the finer aspects. I don't have chettiar's consort. The bommais are given to me by Mom. I keep forgetting to buy one.

  7. Hey Jayshree akka... AMAZING YAAR... I read your mail recently and happened to see the given site... I have no words!!! I believe each and everything in the site is gonna be helpful for me. Now i can try each recipes & Kolams from your site... Really AMAZING!!!


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