February 17, 2010

Diet Chart Week#1, Day ~2

Dieting doesn't mean starving, its just eating healthy food in the right way. You can still enjoy your meal even
when you are on a diet. Basically it all depends on our thoughts. When you are on a no-rice diet and with dry phulkas on your plate for lunch, you should no crib about pulav or simple rasam rice. When on a diet, the best thing is to not to think of that word at all. Just go about the normal way and your body will respond the same way.Its only when you think of diet, that you have more of hunger pangs and craving for those foods, which, otherwise, you would not have thought of at all.

The second day of the plan was a breeze for me. Srivalli had suggested eating ajwain/methi seeds in the morning. I used to soak methi in buttermilk the previous night and eat the seeds next morning. This way the seeds will not taste bitter too. I had some sprouted methi seeds. So I used that.

6:00 a.m - sprouted methi seeds soaked overnight in buttermilk and 1 glass of warm water

7:00 a.m - 3/4 cup coffee with 1/2 tspn sugar

9:15 a.m - 1 pesarattu (whole moong dal dosa), gobhi methi subzi

2:30 p.m - 2 phulkas, tender jackfruit stir fry, gobhi methi subzi + buttermilk

5:30 p.m - tea + 2 slices of wheat bread

8:30 p.m - 2 phulkas + carrot salad + raw plantain stir fry

10:00 p.m - Watermelon

In the long gap between breakfast and lunch, I sipped 3 glasses of lemon juice with some salt in it. I was out on a customer support call. But I didnot feel hungry and lemon juice was enough for me.

Through the day, I had 9 glasses of water and 2 glass of lemon juice.


  1. Sounds great. I just cut the regular portions I used to eat into half now, working well for me. Good job jaya, keep it up! :)

  2. thats a good plan. i am also thinking of making one for myself.. good luck

  3. Lovely info and good diet plan..just careful not to eat very sugary fruit late at night..watermelon has a lots of sugar, as watermelon has very high GI values, the sugar goes straight to your blood..

  4. Hats off!!!seems u r truly motivated..

  5. Seems U guys are really in diet mood, good- keep it up!

  6. Ashakka, your way is also good. But to maintain portion control is hard than dieting. Glad you could do it.

    Jyoti, thanks. Good luck with your plan and do share.

    Jagruti, thanks for the info on watermelon. I will keep that in mind.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments. That does help me to stay on.

  7. Amazing diet chart would love to follow it word to word except for coffee... Love the way you have ended your day with Watermelon...


  8. All the best and keep posting every day so that any one who wants to diet can hav an idea and follow up :)


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