March 22, 2010

Plantation Style Rice Roti ~ Sptolightblog#2 Recipe

The last recipe from Asha's Foodies Hope is Coffee plantation style rice roti. I had planned to try the baingan masala too but did not have brinjals in hand. I had bookmarked few brinjal dishes and very much wanted to post atleast one eggplant recipe since its one of her favorite veggie. I will try it soon and shall post it then. For now, its just the akki roti. She says this kind of roti is familiar only to people around Hassan, Sakaleshpura and Coorg coffee Plantations. I found this version of roti very useful to use up left over cooked rice. Roti comes out soft and I know I have to go long way to get the super soft kind. I tried with half the measure of her orginal recipe and got 4 rotis. By the time I made the last one, I got the hang of it and promised myself that I make it often and master the technique.

You need

Cooked rice  - 1 cup

Rice flour - less than 1/2 cup
Salt - 1/2 tspn


If you are using freshly cooked rice, spread it on a plate and leave it to cool. Mash the rice with salt in it. Add rice flour to it to get a firm non stick dough. Try not to add too much of rice flour since it will result in tough rotis. Divide roti into tennis ball size rounds. I got 4.

Since I used left over rice from lunch, I pulsed the cooked rice in the mixer and added rice flour to it. I got a homogenous dough. Pat the dough on a greased plastic sheet or on a banana leaf. Heat a tawa and when hot peel and place the roti on it. Cook till you see light brown specs on it. Flip and cook the other side too.

Ashakka had written that it can be half cooked on the tawa and then it can be cooked using a stove top grill which is used for phulkas. I followed this method. Else you can do the entire cooking on the tawa. No oil required. These rotis ideally should puff up. Serve the soft and hot rotis along with any spicy side dish.


  1. Rice roti looks awesome...looks like akki roti..

  2. I always thought that these rotis may be hard! Never tried, now that you have mentioned, I shall take cue and try this out.

  3. Lovely roti's.. has come out perfect.

  4. Hi jayasree, this is favourite roti, I had written to asha about this, check my blog about this roti, we call it ubbu rotti from my dad's village, which is nearby asha went had this rotti, I make lot of variations in this today I thought of posting one of them. eat it with paruppu thogayal or badanekaayi kai gojju, Mmm love it

  5. These are specific to Coorg side of Karnataka. We make ubbu rotti with rice flour made into mudde or kali and don't use cooked rice. Has come out very nice. I make these too and you can even add veggies to it and make it as a nice variation.

  6. This is quite similar to pathiri, isn't it J???

  7. good idea..this recipe very new to me..Similar to pathiri(kerala dish)

  8. Looks so nice,never heard about this,will try sometime!

  9. Priya, yes its like akki roti. Here there is the addition of cooked rice.

    Lathakka, I find these rotis are more soft when compared to the ones with only rice flour as in akki roti.

    jayasri, thanks for the additional info. Will check out your blog for more.

    BB, I have wanted to try your version some time. But never got around to making it. I feel that there is guarantee of soft rotis with that method. Thanks for the tips.

    Jayashree, you are right.

    Prani, welcome to my space.

    RK,do try it out once, you may like it.

  10. Roti sounds very interesting and healthy too :-)


  11. Kannadigas special, akki roti work of art, Beautifully done Jaya!

  12. Yummy and delicious roti...

  13. hey this called otti in coorgi language as the staple and loved food among the coorgies , Me being one i just love this and this can go with any type of side veg and nonveg


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