April 5, 2010

SpotLight Blog #My Experiments With Food ~ Recipe - Aval Kozhukkattai

The calendar is showing a new month and its time for a new blog to be on the spotlight. And this month, the limelight blog is Jayashree's 'My Experiments with Food'. The similarity doesn't end with our names and blog names, our traditional cuisine is same too (Palakkad Iyer cuisine).  I found many interesting, delicious recipes yet not very complicated in her blog.

The first recipe I tried for this series was Aval Kozhukkattai - Steamed balls from beaten rice. It made a quick and filling meal. The preparation is similar to upma kozhukkattai. When I first saw the recipe, my thoughts were how different is it going to be from aval upma/puli aval. The ingredients were almost the same except that tamarind or an equivalent is not used here. I am glad I tried it since it was so different from upma and had a unique taste. It was worth trying.

You need

Coarsely powdered aval/beaten rice - 1 cup
Water - 2 cups
Grated coconut - 2 tblspn
Salt to taste


Oil - 2 tspn
mustard seeds - 1 tspn
Chana dal, urad dal, peanuts - 1 tspn each
Green chilly - 1 no
Curry leaves - few sprigs


I used the rose matta aval which is very tasty and has a thick texture. To get one cup of coarsely powedered aval, take 2 cups of aval. Make sure you don't grind it fine else the kozhukkattais will not have the right texture.

Take a kadai. Heat oil and add the seasoning ingredients. Add water and salt. When water starts boiling, add the powdered aval. Mix well. Cook on low heat till the water is fully absorbed and resembles upma. Add grated coconut and mix well.

Spread the cooked mix on a plate to cool. Spape the dough into balls and steam cook for 5 minutes. Jayashree has  done this in microwave and I chose to do it on stove top.

The kozhukkattais tasted good on its own. You can serve it with any chutney as dip or sprinkle some chutney powder on it and serve. I got 11 nos of the size shown in the picture.


  1. Something so new to me. :) Looks interesting.

  2. That is a different kozzukattai!

  3. Such a fantastic kozhukattais, looks yumm!

  4. Aval kozhukattias look nice, I thought it will be like upma kozhukattais.


  5. That's different and very Interesting!!, looks yum should try it some time..

  6. hey jayshree,
    This is one of the best and healthy innovations in the recent times in the blogshpere :)
    sounds interesting ..thanks

  7. Its new to me...Looks delicious...

  8. should make a nice breakfast..looks yumm..

  9. Girl, you've made my day....I am so happy that you've chosen to cook from my blog. Glad you liked this.

  10. Wow,sounds interesting,will have to try :)

  11. jay, my mom used to make this all the time with rice !!i have to try this. thanks a lot.

  12. Sounds new and interesting!!

  13. Kozhakattais look extremely mouth watering - Want to make some now! Lovely blog - Look forward to checking in here often!
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