June 18, 2010

Chakka/Jackfruit Adai

The monsoon has arrived in my part of the world. The late arrival meant few more days availability of mango and jackfruit in the market. In case of jackfruit, once the fruit is cut open, the segments has to be used up in a day or two, in case of refrigeration. I usually buy a small piece from the market. Husband is not very fond of eating jackfruit. I like to eat but there is a limit to which how much I can finish. With the left over fruit segments, I make filling for elai adai, chakkavaratty, chakka pradhaman (Just realised I haven't posted this yet). After a round of all these, I was reminded of the chakka adai. Soaked boiled rice is ground with jackfruit pieces and jaggery. I like the adais not very sweet. The adai with slight sweetness from jaggery and flavor of jackfruit makes a filling  evening tiffin. Those who prefer some sweetness during breakfast can make it in the morning. Adai ,hot from the pan, with a blob of butter- you cannot stop with one.

The quantity of ingredients can be taken as a pointer and not necessary to be exact. Adjust the jackfruit and jaggery to suit your palate


Boiled rice/Idly rice - 1 1/2 cups

Raw rice - 1/2 cup

Ripe jackfruit bulbs - 10 nos

Grated jaggery - 1/2 cup

Salt - a pinch

Oil to prepare the adai


Wash and soak the rice for 5 hours. You can soak both the variety of rice together. Grind rice coarsely. Add chopped jackfruit, jaggery and salt. Grind all the ingredients together. Don't make it too smooth. It will affect the texture of the adai. Let the batter be slightly grainy.

Heat a tava. Smear with little oil. When it is hot, pour a ladle of the batter and spread it like dosa. Don't make it very thin. You can use oil or ghee to make these dosas. Using ghee surely enhances the taste. When one side is cooked, flip and cook till it is golden brown. Enjoy hot with some home made butter.


  1. Love love this adai, drool drol

  2. Ripe JF dosas smells sooo good, don't they? Perfect sweet.

  3. Sweet adai??? My mother-in-law used to make the idli with jack fruit.
    Hey the new layout and template looks grand Jayasree!

  4. never knew we could use jack fruit this way! awesome..

  5. love jackfruit..adding this to dosa batter sounds interesting and delicious..yummie!

  6. I am also one who doesn't like chakkai. :( Except for the chips and chakkavaratti which I love. :)

    Surprisingly, never eaten chakka adai.
    Can get small pieces at the market here. Should make some.

  7. How interesting..looks yummmy

  8. How I miss jackfruit!!! Just seeing the adai makes my mouth water.

  9. This is a such a traditional recipe. Looks so good. Could imagine the smell of this adai..... YUM!

  10. Latakka, glad you liked the new look. JF idli sounds interesting.

    Thank you all for the comments. The smell of JF while making the dosa is enough to make one drool

  11. I am still drooling!What a lovely flavoursome adai!
    I have not tried any dish with jack fruit.My mother-in-law used to prepare payasam and I loved the flavour of the fruit when it combines with the flavour of vella pagu.I can not wait to try out this adai!

  12. OMG J,.

    You know how crazy I am of chakkai and yet y ou kill me with this post...My craving which started during my pregnancy has never ended!!! I can almost smell the sweetnes of the chakkais from here. What a simple preparation. Sometimes when you keep it this simple, the flavours come on very well,.


  13. wow that sounds wonderful jayasree..love jack fruit..so I am sure this adai will be great for me..:)

  14. woo uniquw adai..looks soo good.

  15. This is new to me.. looks nice.. thxs for sharing..

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  17. Lovely jack fruit adai, sounds interesting and delicious.

  18. This is totally new to me but sounds absolutely delicious. I've gotta try it sometime.

  19. I love jackfruit. I can't get any here. We just ate some canned jackfruit and was remembering all the things you can make with this amazing fruit. I didn't know about this adai though.

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