November 30, 2010

Fig Jam in Microwave

Fresh figs are in season now. I have only tasted the dried figs till now. And I have seen the fresh figs in pictures only. So you can imagine my joy when I first saw them in the market. Needless to say I bought them immediately. And figs are one fruit which cannot be stored for long. I made milkshake and there is so much that can be used in a milkshake. And I decided to make some jam. I wasn't sure if we are going to like it as jam. Finally was happy that I gave it a try. And making in microwave, it takes only 10 minutes.

You need

  • Fig puree - 1 1/4 cup (I used 10 nos)
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Lemon juice - 1 tblspn
  • Lemon zest - 1/4 tspn (optional)


I pureed the figs with the skin on. If you  see some blemishes, can gently remove that part alone. Quarter the figs and puree them coarsely. Take care not to make a fine paste.

Add sugar and mix well.

Microwave for 4 minutes. Add the lemon juice and lemon zest. Microwave for another 4 minutes. Check if the jam is set. I had to keep for another 2 minutes. Give a standing time of 5 minutes.

If you like your jam very sweet increase the sugar by another 1/4 cup. Enjoy it on a warm toast of bread.

 Fig jam is going to be part of Srivalli's 365 days of Mircowave Cooking


  1. Looks very appealing,I love the flavor and taste of fig,good one!

  2. I can imagine myself eating a toast with this fig jam as I read the recipe..A very good one..


  3. Thats Lovely.. Have never made jam at home.. Thta to in microwave is so quick! Any Idea how long can we store it?

  4. @VH, it will keep good for two weeks on refrigeration. Do try and you will never go for store bought ones.

  5. I love the colour of the final product. I have a store bought diet jam which is browner...and also has pieces in it that taste great.

  6. Nice colour....and it sounds so easy to make.

  7. I love figs...the jam looks super delicious..

  8. I love fig jam and this looks so so yumm.

  9. great,I just have to make this. What with my kids crying for jam every month! I think this is far healthier than storebought which uses lots of artificial colors and preservatives.Thank you Jayashree

  10. Glossy jam looks soo tempting..

  11. Loved the color of the jam. Has come out perfect and looks very simple and superb.

  12. Hi J,

    What a co-incidemce? I just made Cranberry Jam yesterday...but in the stovetop. Cranberries cant be made in to puree and I hadto stir it for some time.
    Lovely colour on yours!!!


  13. Very healthy and easy to make jam. Love the color of this jam. Shall try it soon.

  14. Loved the color...have nevertried making jam at home...this is really helpful. Thk u for sharing the recipe.

  15. Thanks! for such a nice idea & recipe.
    I said idea because I never thought or heard about figs jam


  16. first time on your blog and came here from Bharathy's. love figs especially the crunchy small bites...this jam looks delicious especially on that toast.
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  18. a microwave jam....quite interesting...nice to meet a fellow blogger from kerala...found you on drop by at my space sometime :)

  19. wow...jam looks very tempting.
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  20. glad to have you with us again Jayasree. thanks a lot for taking the time out and joining us. please end me your mail id to


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