March 5, 2011

VazhaiPoo Vadai ~ Banana Blossom fritters

Banana blossom/Vazhai poo is usually made into a pitlai or usli at home. Very rarely, I make vadai with these. I mainly cook the vazhai poo for its nutrients and I feel deep frying will not yield the same result.  But at times, you tend to throw all the nutrition and health benefits out of the window and decide to go for a deep fry indulgence.  This vadai is more popular in TamilNadu.

Yields - 12 nos

You need

  • 1 medium sized banana flower - picked and finely chopped
  • Chana dal / Kadalaparuppu - 1 cup
  • Tuvar dal - 1 tblspn
  • Red chill- 2 nos
  • Saunf /Fennel seeds- 1 tspn
  • Green chilli - 3 nos
  • Curry leaves - few sprigs
  • Turmeric - a pinch
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to deep fry


Pick the florets, clean and chop them finely. Soak it in water mixed with buttermilk till you use it. Soak chana dal and tuvar dal for an hour. Drain.

Steam cook the chopped flower with a pinch of turmeric and salt for 10 minutes. You can microwave it for 5 minutes. Squeeze to remove extra water if any.

Grind the dal coarsely. Dry roast red chilli and saunf and powder it.   

Take a bowl. Add the ground dal, powdered red chilli and saunf, steamed banana flower, chopped green chilli, curry leaves and salt. You may not need to add water to prepare the batter. The moisture from dal and the flower will be  enough. Heat oil in a kadai. When hot, pinch lemon sized batter and pat into disc on your palm or greased plastic sheet or banana leaf. Slide into the hot oil and fry till it is brown and crisp.





  1. Must have tasted awesome.Looks good.

  2. Can have it rite now, my fav..

  3. I love your version,with fennel.. Will be so flavorful with that!

  4. I simply love these!I reserve portion of the cut flower for the vadais whenever I make the simple kari or the paruppu usli!

  5. Looks so crispy and delicious. Love this vadai.

  6. Like ur vazzhai poo vadais , crispy and delicious!

  7. looks awesome and crispy...

  8. Looks very crunchy, J I always keep aside some chopped vazhapoo for making vadai in the evening.

  9. Looks really crunchy and yummy.. new snack for me.will try it soon.

  10. Lovely vadai..looks very crispy n yumm

  11. I just love it an ytime. Crispy and yummy vadais.

  12. Regarding ur q'n about jalebi,the mixture smelled yeasty but once get fried, they didnt smelled yeasty at all..

  13. You have an awesome blog here. I am so thankful for some of your recipes where I had forgotten one part of the way my granny used to cook, or one ingredient.

    Do you know how to make pulingari, vendakkai vadhakku pachadi and mondhankai vadhakku pachadi? I think both the pachadis are made the same way, just the veggies in it are different. If you could revive me of the ingredients in these I would be very thankful.

    Once again, thanks for taking such painstaking steps in making this available to us.


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