September 8, 2011

Kaaya Varathathu/Banana Chips

Banana chips is an integral part of any sadhya/feast. Instead of the usual round chips, when it comes for festive spreads, the quartered chips are mostly preferred. This kind is not thin, will slightly thick too. All these years, being in Kerala, I have not bothered to make this at home. I get fresh chips at shops which are just a stone's throw away. Now that I am away from my native, I thought I should make some at home. Its not that I don't get it here. Husband has already got the quartered chips and the Sharakkaravaratti for the Onam Sadhya.  Frying the chips is not a big task. The variety of banana is important to get the right taste and crispness. Then Nendran variety, which is very popular in Kerala, is the preferred one. Unlike the other variety of bananas, the matured and not ripe ones has a slight pinkish color.

You need

  • Raw banana - 4 nos
  • Salt - 2 tspn
  • Turmeric - a pinch
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Oil to deep fry.

Remove the skin. The chips makers at Kerala removes the skin in such a way that its not scrapped but the whole peel comes out. They score along the thick line on the banana. With the pointed part of the knife, slightly lift the skin. That way, the entire skin will be removed and will leave no marks on the banana too. That calls for some practice. I tried that way and was partially successful. Don't discard the removed skin. Preserve it and make a tasty side dish. I made that the next day. Shall post that recipe later. Now on to the business making chips.

Take half cup of water in a bowl. Add turmeric and salt. Stir well so that the salt is dissolved. Heat oil in a kadai. Take the prepared banana and slice it directly to the hot oil. If you are not comfortable doing it directly over the hot oil, slice it on to a plate and drop them into the oil. After a minute of frying, sprinkle some salt water on to the frying chips. There will be a rise in the sizzling sound. It will not last for few seconds. Oil doesn't spill also. No need to get scared for this. This will help to give some nice color to the chips and a salty taste too. 

When the chips turn golden yellow and is crisp, drain on to a strainer. Repeat with the remaining bananas. Store it in air tight container. Enjoy fresh, home made chips.

Wishing all my readers a very happy ONAM.


  1. Pity i can't grab that bowl from my screen.

  2. Would love to munch on them...

  3. We love these chips. Looks so tempting :). Happy Onam Jayasree

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  5. Happy onam!!! Chips turned out really well. Looks great.


  6. Happy Onam, the chips look so tempting.

  7. We love banana chips and get it from the Kerala stores here :D Miss onam celebs at home..

    Happy Onam dear :)

  8. How I wish I can grab tht bowl and munch it on....looks so gud

  9. Very crispy and crunchy looking banana chips.

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  11. chips look perfect...feel like eating some

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  12. Hello! Second time here :-) First time I had come searching for an eggless recipe and bookmarked ur site. The chips look yummmyyy!!! Glad to follow u :-) Do visit my site too whenever time permits :-)


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