October 14, 2009

No bake chocolate pinwheel

Everyone must be busy planning for the festival weekend. And most of you must have already started with the preparations of sweets and savories. Here is a quick, no cook, recipe to delight your kids. I made this when my niece was here for her summer holidays. As always, I clicked few pictures and forgot about it. When Srivalli announced the Kid's Delight event, I wanted to send this. I got the recipe from a TV show, where in they were showing some quick recipes which can be made by kids themselves.

You need

Marie biscuit - 1 pkt

Cocoa Powder - 2tblspn

Powdered sugar - 5 tblspn

Butter - 2 tblspn

Milk - 4 tblspn


Powder the marie biscuits in the mixer grinder. Seive it to get fine powder. Else it will make rolling the dough difficult.  Mix in cocoa powder and 2 tblspn of sugar. Prepare a tight dough using milk. 

You can mix some coffe powder in the milk if you love the flavor of coffee in your cookies. Coffee and chocolate complement each other well.

For the filling

Beat butter and sugar until creamy. You can optinaly add some dessicated coconut or coarsely chopped nuts also.

Roll dough into a thick chappathi. Spread the filling evenly. Leave some space at the edges. Then roll from the longer end to form a log shape. Roll it tightly and seal the crack if any, as you roll. Cover the log in a butter paper or aluminium foil and refrigerate for 2 hours. Cut along the width to get beautiful pinwheel cookies.

It will be a great hit among the kid's if it is part of the birthday parties.


  1. Hey this is too good! looks pretty as well!

  2. quick and yummy thing dear.....

  3. surely kids will love this...even i had done the same thing long back, and it was just yum,,urs too look delicious....

  4. wonderful recipe..will try it sometime..

  5. The wheels have come out perfectly.

  6. This must be the perfect choice of children.

  7. ohh great, simple and different sweet for the festival.

  8. Look like swiss roll! Great choice for kids!

  9. The pinwheels look really attractive. I know for sure my baby will LOVE them. Whats better is that I can involve her in the making as it doesnt involve cooking.

  10. Beautiful pinwheels, looks prefect!!

  11. Nice chocolate dish. Its a good option for this Diwali celebration.:)

  12. looks too good to be true...

  13. That is so innovative...thanks so much jayasree..


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