October 24, 2009

SnapIt - A plugin product review

SnapIt is a customized version of the standard print screen function. It’s a small plug in that can be downloaded in less than a minute even on a slow connection.  SnapIt makes the screen capture job lot easier and organized too. Once the program is started, a camera icon sits pretty on the status bar. To capture screen shots, you can continue using the print scr key. Once pressed, the mouse pointer changes to a plus sign and you can mark the area on the screen to be copied. Click on the icon to save the marked image to the desired location.

The image capturing be configured to different key options, other than the Prnt Scr key,  given by the program. Also the saving can be automated by defining the storage location, image formats (jpeg,png,gif,tiff & bmp) and starting name for the files and if it is to be incremental or random. Once these parameters are set, then capturing screen shots is super easy. All you do is just press the assigned key and go about with your work. The screen shots will be automatically saved in the designated folder.  This saves the time of opening software to paste the selected image, save and later crop to get the desired results. This plugin will be particularly useful for those creating tutorials or presentations.

(The above two images are captured with SnapIt)

A fully functional, trial version is available for 14 days. Thanks Katherine Poll for giving me the opportunity.


  1. hey! this is really automated. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  2. This product is good. I must go for the trial version!

  3. hmm, that sounds good.will try :) Thanks jayshree


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