February 27, 2008

Kathrikai Puli

Till my age of 15, I stayed in joint family with grand parents, uncles, aunts and cousins. It was alsways fun playing with occassional fighting. Our home was always open to guests, who must be visiting their ancestral village and has no relatives around. In those days of powerless cooking, when unexpected guests arrive at the time of dinner, those who eat last will be deprived of the kootan( gravy). So my paati(maternal grandma) used to make this quick gravy. This can be prepared in 10 minutes. I loved watching Paati roasting the brinjals over the coal in the traditional choolah. Paati makes using the small violet variety of brinjal.This gravy needs few ingredients.

small violet brinjals - 3 nos
green chilly - 2 nos
tamarind -lemon size

Soak the tamarind in 2 cups of water.
Roast the brinjals over gas burner. Keep turning the brinjal so it doesn't get charred. It will take 3 minutes to raost one.

Cut the roasted ones to check for worms.

Slit the green chillies.

Add the cut brinjals and green chillies to the soaked tamarind water.Add salt.

Mash the brinjal,tamarind, chilly using hand. Thats the traditional way of doing it. Can use a masher instead.

Finally remove the pulp by squeezing with your hand.

Temper with mustard. Gravy is ready.

Serve with rice and papad.I love this simple meal.

This is off to Pooja for her VOW event, where Brinjal is the veggie of the week.



  1. Sounds wonderful! Guess it's sort of like a masiyal, right? Living in a joint family must have been lots of fun! :)

  2. We also make such a kind of gravy. We call it 'vankaya bajji'. But I use big eggplant to do it. Love it anytime. Nice entry.

  3. New kind of recipe and very simple to make.

  4. Thanks you all for your comments.

    Kalai - Yes, its masiyal in gravy form. Joint family is fun.

    priya - Do try

    uma - Nice to know that u too make it. We don't generally get the big eggplant here.

  5. nice one.....my grandma talks of this quite often too....only she calls it kathrikka thogayal.

  6. jayashree same recipe known by different names. thanks for mentioning that.

  7. Even I am from Palakkad and it's great to see such easy but almost forgotten recipes on your blog.Great work Jayasree!!

  8. Shalini, thanks. I am trying to learn few more traditional,but now forgotten recipes from my Amma. Even she doesn't prepare few of them now, unless I ask her.

  9. I never heard of this Kailas , brinjal with tamarind must be tasting
    very good. :) .
    ths first para of your post , took be in a nice village of old time, it was just a great time, isn't it ?
    Now these days nobody asks for others, specially outside our country , I miss so much sometimes our own land. At my parent's house too it happened that all the time it is full of guest , mostly unexpected ,though it was much fun though , this life compared that sounds to dry and lifeless :( .

    thanks a lot for sharing a traditional dish Kailas. I am glad to got it.

    Just request ,please increase your font size for post, I think it will be more convenient to read then.
    Thanks :) .

  10. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. It is an interesting recipe!

  11. pooja, thanks for ur suggestion. Shall increase the font size.

    shankari, thanks.


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