February 11, 2008

Menthiya Dosai

Menthiya Dosai / Methi seeds dosa

There are umpteen varieties of dosas. Add or remove an ingredient, you get a new type of dosa. Always wondered, how new variants are created. Its true, necessity is the mother of invention. May be in the past, when urad dal was scarce or was not affordable to common man, this dosa must have got birth out of a creative mind. This is a quickie but not the instant kind. The dosa takes only raw rice and methi seeds as ingredient. So you can prepare the batter in a mixer too. That is you can do with out a wet grinder.


Raw rice - 2 cups

Boiled rice - 2 tblspoon ( Optional -this gives softness to the dosa)

Methi seeds - 2 tspn

Wash and soak all the ingredients together for 4 hours. Grind to a fine batter. Ferment it overnight.

Take a laddle full and spread to make dosa. This will not be paper thin.

Cook both sides.

I love menthiya dosa with ulli-mulaku chutney. That combo is just out of the world. This time I served with coconut chutney.

For Coconut Chutney
grated coconut - 1/2 cup
pottukadalai/chutney dal - 2 tblspn
green chilly - 3 nos (adjust to your taste)

Grind all the ingredients together adding little water. Adjust the consistency by adding water after grinding. Season with mustard, hing and curry leaves.


  1. No dal that is a surprise.
    Looks good

  2. great recipe. looks so god with that chutney. do post the chutney recipe too some time.

  3. No urad dal? Wow! It still looks awesome, though! :)

  4. nags,HC,vimmi, kalai thanks for your comments.
    @vimmi- have updated the post with chutney recipe

  5. Looks good, Jayasree...am going right to your ulli chammanthi recipe now.

  6. jayashree, thank u so much. do try ulli chammanthi and dosa combo

  7. when u say boiled rice do u mean puzhungalari or cooked rice???

  8. jayashree, puzhungalari , choru alla.

  9. first time at your blog. You have some nice recipes and pictures as well. You live in Japan?

    This dosa, does it ferment without udat dal. Very interesting. I know menthiam does act as a fermenting agent for dosa batter along with the udat dal. Nice recipe though

  10. Hi Archana, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I live in Kerala. The dosa batter does ferment nicely which makes the dosa soft.


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