July 23, 2009

Kozhukkatta - Steamed Rice balls - Guest Post

There are numerous food blogs in the Internet. There are zillion dishes cooked in the kitchen and are not blogged. Each one is a good cook on their own terms. Not everyone has the time/passion to blog about it. So I thought of inviting my friends/blog readers to contribute a recipe to my blog. I discussed this idea with few of my friends and they were happy to play along. I had told them any common dish they prepare is enough and need not prepare for the matter of posting it here. Some told me that they are not good at food photography and the like. And the recipes and photos may not be matched to an avid food blogger. All that matters to me , is showcasing their recipe, on my blog. And I plan to make this a monthly series.

My friend who calls herself Shivakami in her world (a Malayalam blog), sent me the following recipe. Now on to the recipe in her own words-

Ingredients :

Boiled rice – 1 cup

Salt to taste

Grated coconut – half portion of a coconut

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon

Urad dal - 2 teaspoon

Small onions(cheriya ulli) - 8-10 nos, chopped

Curry leaves

Soak rice for 3hrs. Grind it coarsely to a thick batter and mix salt. Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard, urad dal, curry leaves and chopped onions one after the other. Add the batter and stir well. Add grated coconut also and mix well.cook till the whole batter gets into a solid mass. Take out from stove. Keep idli cooker on stove. Make small balls of the rice mix. Place them on idli plates and steam cook for 5-10 minutes. This can be made using raw rice too. With boiled rice, kozhukkatais are more soft and has a nice texture.


  1. Looks so good... We make a similar one in Orissa too... Not sure of the exact details, since I have eaten it and never made it...

  2. I love upma kozhakottai. We add a little dal too. Very nice recipe:)

  3. I rarely make kozhakattai by grinding the rice into a batter - most of the time it is powdered rice for me. This version does give softer kozhakattais, though.....
    Am off to check out sivakami's blog.

  4. looks yummy.. I will be making it this weekend. ;)

  5. I've had this during my hostel days. The cook used to make pretty good ones. This looks great, Jayasree

  6. Looks so good and yummy ..i have never made this type.. we do different method.. but i have tasted it in my friends place i just love it .. wish to have one from that plate.

  7. Thanks to all...
    But first of all let me extend my sincere thanks to my dear friend Jayasree for adding this and my blog link as well :)..
    And I must thank my MIL who guided me with valuable tips.


  8. mmm. looks so delicious and tempting.

  9. Looks yummy and nice click :)

  10. reninds me so much of ma mom Jaya..On those days when she used to make idiyappam for bfast,she'd make these with remaining mavu..i used to love it plain without any jaggery filling..:)

  11. Kozhukkatais look excellent..its been a while since I had them.

    We prepare a similar dish called Undi-only two changes.I use readymade Idli rava for an instant version and don't add onions.Rest everything the same.

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