July 30, 2010

Avalose Podi & Dates Avalose Unda ~ Traditional Kerala Snack

As with many Kerala specials, I was introduced to this sweet/snack by our neighbour V aunty. I have no clue what the name 'Avalose' implies. Because it doesn't indicate any of the ingredients used or the taste of it. If any of you have any idea of it do share it with me. Whatever be the name, the ingredients used easily available ones - Rice and Coconut and a little of jeera/cumin to flavor it up.  This was not part of the traditional cuisine (Kerala Iyer) followed at home. During my childhood days, when we were living as joint family, recipes outside our traditional cuisine were not very common. The occasional indulgence was chappati/ puri with Potato masala. As always, you will yearn for the goodies which is not available to you. Later on when we moved to our own house and with our constant pestering Amma got the recipe from V aunty. The recipe is very simple but the taste is simply out of the world. This is generally made in large quantities and is taken a snack. There are some flour mills, where they pound the rice and roast coconut and the rice flour together. 

You need

  • Rice flour - 1 cup, preferable home made
  • Fresh grated coconut- 1/2 cup
  • Cumin/Jeera - 1/2 tspn



Mix flour and coconut together and keep aside for an hour or so. While mixing this way, the flour will absorb the moisture from coconut and the flour will turn fluffy. The mixture will turn dry and it will ease in roasting.

Heat a kadai. Roast jeera ad then add the flour mix to it. Roast in medium heat, till it is light brown. I love the the aroma of roasted rice and coconut. If there is any lumps, try to break it with hand. Or to get a uniform texture, just pulse it in a mixer for few seconds.

While serving, take some avalose podi and mix in sugar and eat. Optionally, you can slice some banana pieces and mash it along and serve. Personally, I like to eat with sugar only.


 Note: Roasting should be done on medium heat so  as to bring out the flavors and for even roasting.

Avalose Unda
Traditionally, avalose unda is made with jaggery syrup mixed in and rolled into balls. Here I made the balls using dates. Finely chop the dates and pulse it in the mixer grinder. Mix in the avulose podi and make into balls. This makes a healthy snack with natural sweetener.


  1. wow those laddus looks so healthy n delicious ...very new to me ...i love the ingredients used in it ...love to try it soon


  2. Excellent Jayasree. Totally fallen for the podi and unda..something like porimavu isn't it?

  3. like this unda very much. feel like grabbing one..

  4. very interesting combination: it would make indeed an irresistible savory bite!

  5. A very healthy recipe jayashree.. Will try to do it someday.. my son absolutely loves sweet balls..

  6. I love avalose podi and undda, they were my favourite, mom used to make and put them in bi ritannia biscut tins; how i love eating the podi with sprinkling of sugar and loved the crunch in my mouth and then drinking plain tea after that :-)

  7. Hey jayasree, chanced upon your blog while surfing the web..liked your blogging style n wonderful collection here..these ladoos r totally new 2 me..they look very interesting n delish..
    have bookmarked your site ..will b visiting often :)
    aipi (http://usmasala.blogspot.com/)

  8. This is something we really like but I have never tried at home. And with dates!
    We used have these neighbours who used to keep us regualrly supplied with home-made avalose unda. I miss them. :)

  9. Different Recipe...Sure do try it...

  10. Hi, jayashree, the unda is new to me, thanks for sharing this recipe, you know why I love dates, I am definitely going to try this out!!, lovely clicks too...

  11. Rice laddoo's I like them very much!!! Simple and an easy do!!!

  12. Somehow, I have never developed a taste for this particular snack....maybe 'coz like you said, it is not something that was made at home.
    Hope your show telecast came out well.

  13. Coconut and cumin is the winning combination, I am sure these little rice balls tastes out of the world. This is my first visit here and I am so happy to be connected with a fellow food blogger. Happy Cooking n Happy Blogging. Cheers, RV

  14. Hi jayashree, this dish sounds new to me...its beautifully presented...ur blog is very nice and u have wonderful collection of recipes...have a pleasant day dear!!!

  15. I love it-- sounds so simple but I can imagine it must be delicious and versatile. Thanks for the recipe, Jayasree.


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