July 18, 2010

Chakka/Jackfruit Molagushyam and announcing the winner of the giveaway

My neighbor aunty gives me a share of jack fruit every time she cuts one at her home. They have a tree in their backyard. The thought of fresh, sweet jack fruit itself is very salviating, but it is also accompanied by the tiresome process of  separating the arils. But Aunty usually gives me the seeded arils and that leaves me with ready-to-use fruit bulbs. Most of the times, it will be just ripe and firm. Apart from making chakka curry, mostly I end up making this simple molagushyam. Though this doesn't take any ingredients other than salt, chilli powder and ground pepper to spice it up and light garnish of coconut oil and curry leaves, it tastes awesome. This can be prepared in 10 minutes.



You need

  • Ripe jackfruit arils chopped into bite size - 2 cups
  • Red chilli powder - 1/4 tspn
  • Ground pepper - 1/4 tspn
  • Salt to taste
  • Coconut oil - 1 tspn
  • Curry leaves - few sprigs


Take the chopped jackfruit pieces in a cooking bowl. Add the chilli powder, pepper powder and salt. Add a cup of water to it.  Cook on medium heat till the color of the JF changes to a darker shade of  yellow. Add more water as it cooks. The consistency is saucy. It thickens on cooling. So adjust accordingly. Serve as side dish for rice. It tastes good as a side for puri too. The sweetness of the fruit is balanced by the mild heat from chilli and pepper.




Now to the winner of the giveaway.  And the random number generated is

Vaishali is the lucky winner of $50 worth gift certificate sponsored by CSN stores. Vaishali, I have sent you a mail. And to the rest who took time to leave a comment there, sorry and better luck next time.
P.S: Thanks to all who appreciated the new look of my blog. The part of the appreciation should go to my dear friend Shoba, who was intrumental in getting this new look. She suggested the color theme and even picked the pictures for the header. She patiently gave feed back in the process of  updation and when she finally said its looking great and I know she means it.


  1. Wow never had this delicious dish, looks fantastic..

    Congrats to the winner..

  2. So new for me and looks yum

  3. luks delicious...congrats for the winner.

  4. This looks like a jack fruit salsa. I wish we get jack fruit here. Will give it a try.

  5. i really love this traditiobnal recipes you come up with...looks so good..

  6. I wish someone gave chakka to me too,hehe!!

  7. This is new to me and sounds interesting !! Do drop by
    when u find time

  8. I am craving for it now. looks soo delicious and love the recipe.

  9. I have always eaten jackfruit just as fruit or the jam form. This sounds so different!
    Shoba has been suggesting to me too some changes...I love your new makeover...time for me to heed to shoba I guess.

  10. Hey J,

    Why anyone would waste chakkai on molagooshyam or anything else...naan appidiyae saapiduvane...I love your header...it simply puts forth all that your blog talks about...COngrats to Vaishali...


  11. This is quite a simple dish with jackfruit.. cos the ones i've known are very complicated types ..

  12. Latakka, Do give a makeover to your blog too.

    Shoba, when u get too much of chakkai, I end up making some curries too

    kanchan, yeah this is a simple dish but very tasty.

  13. Lovely Jackfruit curry. Congrats to Vaishali!
    Hey, I tried the cutlets. It was awesome. To try out I just made a small batch and it was gone so quick. I will be making it again for sure.


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