April 22, 2011

Pathiri / Rice Roti ~ Malabar Special

Today is day 5 of the blogging marathon. I am posting a recipe from my home state of Kerala. Pathiri/rice roti is mainly popular among the Muslims of Kerala especially to the north of Kerala. It is generally served with non-veg dishes. There are some more varieties of pathiri of which I'm not much familiar with. For many years. I did not have much idea of what Pathiri is. And I had thought it of as some thing non-veg since it was part of Muslim cuisine. And then much later, I saw the preparation in one of the cooker shows. After that I tasted it in a restaurant. The preparation as similar to the preparation of the outer cover for modakam.

I make it once in a while and I'm yet to get  it perfect circle while rolling. Though I need to improve in the looks department, I am able to get soft rotis. Probably, if I make it often, then I could improve myself. Here is how I make it

You need
  • Rice flour - 1 cup
  • Hot water - 1 cup
  • Salt - 1/4 tspn
  • Rice flour for dusting

 Take water in a vessel and add salt to it. Heat the water and bring it to rolling boil. Switch off the heat. Add the rice flour to it. Mix with a ladle so that the flour and water gets mixed well. Cover and keep it aside. When the dough is warm enough for you to handle with your hand, knead it to a soft dough. 

Pinch of lime sized balls. Roll it into thin rotis using rice flour to dust while rolling.

Heat a tawa. When it is medium hot, place the rotis. Keep flipping and make sure brown spots don't appear on the rotis. Usually pathiris are white in color. When you make thin rotis, the rotis will get cooked quickly. The flour is already half cooked when the dough is made using boiling water.

Serve hot pathiris with some spicy curry and I served with black chana masala.

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  1. Roti made of rice flour is something new to me...very nice...:)

  2. That was very quick, Arundhuti. Kannadigas make another kind of roti using rice flour.

  3. I make the masala rice roti but never heard of this white roti made with rice flour! Is the texture crispy or soft like chapati?

  4. I think this is like akki roti which is made in karnataka...rolling this is definitely not easy but your looks good. Lovely white colour of the rotis.

  5. Harini, the texture is soft like chapathis.

  6. I have never heard of nor made this type of roti - Always a pleasure to learn something new... Now this is a must try for me!!!

  7. As far as I know this is a good make.Pathiris are not easy to make.But this one looks perfect with the size and very thin.

  8. Super aayittundu...You from malabar area???which part...

  9. I have seen pathiris before but never put my hands to try them yet, looks wonderful and cant wait to try..

  10. Pathiris color is just awesome, white like snow :)

  11. we love pathiris.. i use pathiri podi from store, rice flour at home is so hard to spread with rolling pin.. it breaks all the time..

  12. WOW... this sounds so easy... Will try it for sure. Nice recipe... YuM!

  13. One of my favorite roti of all times. I like this best with Pithukkam Paruppu kuzhambhu!

  14. My friend from Mysore taught me these rotis and they are so soft an d yumm. Yours looks so inviting..

  15. Rice roti looks good!....very soft and delish!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  16. Looks very yummy n curry to.. hv heard about pathiri very inviting..

  17. wow, rotis with rice flour..looks really yummy, very new to me

  18. I have not tasted this yet. Now that you have posted will surely plan and make this soon.


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