March 28, 2008

Meeting a fellow blogger

Even though its quite sometime since I have started blogging, I have been active since 5 months or so. In that period, I had come across Aparna's blog and knowing she has her ancestral roots to my place, caught my attention. She even mentioned that she visits my place occasionally. I looked forward to her visiting Palakkad.

I received a mail informing her visit to Palakkad during the Easter weekend. I was more than happy to meet Aparna and her family and we decided to meet at my place. It was a nice experience to meet a faceless friend. When she called to find if the time was convenient for me, she asked about a landmark very near my house. I thought her relatives whom she was visiting must given that info. But still I was puzzled about her asking that particular one since she did not have my address. Later I got to know from her that wikimapia has helped her and I have my house marked in it. She did not call me, even once, to help locate my house. Reminds me, world is small. With friends, we used to discuss, there will be a time (which is not too far), when we will be giving links from wikimapia for our address.
We chatted for a couple of hours as though we know each other for a long time. She has a very lovely and bubbly daughter, Akshaya. She is smart when she says she has met 3 bloggers (includes her mom too), while her mom's count is only 2.

I got a chance to devour Aparna's cookies. Incidentally, I had tried the same cookies from her blog. Tasting hers, helped me evaluate mine.

When her husband joined in, I thought we will end up as relatives. Anyway,no relation was arrived at, which usually happens among Palakkad Iyers. But we will remain as friends for ever.


  1. it is always to nice meet a friend hope u had nice time

  2. Thats really nice to sure you must've had a great time.

  3. Thats so nice...Blogging world does helps you to get new friends..i have been blogging since two months and i really feel so familiar with some blogging feels good..

  4. thats a nice sweet story!!!loks aboth had avery good time....:)

  5. It is so nice to meet a virtual friend and hope u enjoyed.

  6. Its really a great feeling to meet a fellow blogger , isn't it ?
    NJ/NY bloggers where are you ?

  7. Really nice to know yo've met a fellow blogger. Im sure it was a pleasurable experience!

  8. Thank you all for ur sweet comments. Never thought I will have an opportunity to meet a blogger so soon.

    smn,srivalli,ranji,cham,raaga,dee - We indeed had a great time.

    sowmya, yes, reading through the blogs, we develop a bonding with them forgetting they are our virtual friends.

    pooja, Its a very nice feeling to meet someone known through their writings alone.


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