July 10, 2008

Corn meal kozhakkattai

Upma kozhakkattai features in my breakfast menu at least once in 10 days. I usually prepare the required rice rava the previous day. Occasionally, I prepare using the idli rava, when I get supplies from my co-sis at Bangalore. On one such occasion, I decided to prepare using idly rava. Just before the preparation, I found the quantity was not enough to serve four. I didn't have time to change the menu. I had stored both idly rava and corn meal packets in the same box. Needless to say, used the corn meal to make up for the deficient quantity. But I was happy with the result. It turned out well and very tasty too. Later I tried using only cornmeal. It was also good. Refer here for preparing the steamed rice balls.

My amma usually prepares a simple coconut-curd chutney as dip to go with the rice balls. Here is the chutney recipe -
Coconut - 1/2 cup

Green chillies - 3

Beaten curd or thick buttermilk - 1 cup



oil - 1 tspn

mustard seeds - 1 tspn

hing powder

Grind together coconut, green chillies and salt to a smooth paste. Take a skillet and do the seasonings. Add the seasonings to the ground paste. Pour the buttermilk to the hot skillet and stir into the mixture. Yummy dip is ready.


  1. looks delicious...my mom used to make this kozhukattais...

  2. Kozhukattai with corn meal never thought, should be tasting good with chutney

  3. I have tried arisi upma, pongal and adai using corn grits (which is coarsely ground corn, looks like our regular rava, but not with corn meal. I'm going to try this very soon Jayasree.

  4. Corn meal Kozhukattai something really very new to me. Never heard about this one before. Looks like a haelthy one too. Bookmarked it. Will try this soon.

  5. Cornmeal sounds like a nice variation....I like the slightly yellow colour of the kozhakkattais.

  6. kozhukattai seems to be delicious and good for breakfast....

  7. that looks so delicious. Yum!

  8. Great idea, Jayasree!! The taste of cornmeal must have been delicious! :)

  9. sowmya - thanks

    cham- thanks. do try, corn gives a nice taste to it.

    madhuram - thanks. Infact the corn meal I get in my place is coarse like our rava and the finer one is sold as flour. Thanks for the adai tip. I too shall try that.

    shriya, thanks. Pls try and let me know ur feedback.

    jayashree - thanks. True, the yellow color is a nice treat to the eyes.

    kalva, suma,uma, divya, kalai - thanks for your comments.

  10. I don't whether my earlier comment got messed up. So here it goes again, day before yesterday I prepared these kozhukattais for dinner and it came out very well Jayasree. We all loved it. Thank you very much for the idea.

  11. Thanks Madhu for the quick feedback. In fact ur earlier comment was under the upma kozhakkattai post. I am yet to try adai version.

  12. Jayasree, I have posted the cornmeal kozhukattai today, for the Your recipe rocks event. Thank you once again for the recipe.


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