July 27, 2008

Honey Muffins

The title Healthy honey cake caught my attention when I was glancing through TOI. When I saw Roma's Honey cake recipe, the first thing I noticed the absence of eggs in the list. That got me interested. Added to that, the ingredients were all healthy. So went straight to the kitchen tried it.

I followed her recipe with few variations
  • I used jaggery instead of brown sugar. In spite of increasing by another tablespoon, I found the muffins to be very less sweet.

  • Added 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg powder. That gave a unique flavor to the muffins.

Every one loved the muffins. For those who found the sweet to be too less, I served honey. Next time, I will increase both jaggery and honey quantities.

This healthy muffins goes to Aparna, who is the host of the month for the Think Spice, originally started by Sunitha.


  1. look nice..i would love to add nutmeg in one of my cakes..never tried that!!

  2. Thanks for sending in these muffins, Jayasree.
    They look good and I'm all for muffins that area little less sweet though my husband wouldn't agree!

  3. looks nice and delicious.... nice entry... great click...

  4. that looks really cute...this is a must to try..without egg!

  5. I like the idea of serving muffins with honey.....

  6. Looks nice. By seeing the pic i first thought of milk peda but muffins with honey sounds great.

  7. So great to see that you tried out the honey cakes and liked it!

    Yeah, actually brown sugar that I used was sooooo sweet that I had to use a small quantity. I will update my notes in the original recipe to indicate that the sweetening agent needs to be increased in case anything else it used. Thanks for mentioning this.

    Great variation to use nutmeg! I'm sure it must have made the cake more aromatic and delicious.

  8. looks so nice these muffins..just catching up after a break...

  9. sowmya, do try adding nutmeg. It gives a nice flavor.

    Aparna, glad to note this suits your palate.

    sk, thanks for dropping by.

    valli, thanks. Do try, Its so simple to bake.

    thanks kalva.

    jayashree, thanks. Muffins with honey will satisfy the sweet-tooth kind.

    lubna, thanks for dropping by. Looks can be deceptive, sometimes.

    roma, thanks. Though I increased the jaggery qty, I would hv liked it more sweet. Thats more a personal preference. Anyways, thanks again for a healthy recipe.

    dhivya, thanks. And its great to see u here after a break.

  10. I like this idea! I too prefer organic sugar (naattu chakkarai) in my bakes to sugar! Honey is a good substitute:)

  11. Jaggery and honey sounds like very good alternative sweetening options. Yum.

  12. We would like to feature your honey muffins on our blog. Please email haleyglasco@gmail.com if interested. Thanks :)




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