November 18, 2008

Beetroot Halwa

My husband's ammamma (Maternal grandma) cooks very interesting recipes. Some of them are real quickies. She had a stock of shortcut recipes of the otherwise time consuming ones. When ever her grand children ask for sweets, she makes sweets in a jiffy. This beetroot
halwa is one among them.

Grated beetroot - 1 cup
Powdered jaggery - 1/2 cup. (You can increase if u like it more sweet)

Chopped nuts for garnish (optional)


MW grated beets with a teaspoon of water for 4 minutes or till soft. Heat a kadai. Add the powdered jaggery. Jaggery will start melting. Stir in the cooked beets. Keep stirring, till the jaggery melts fully. Cook on low flame, till it comes together as a whole mass. Don't cook till the moisture fully dries up, since it will harden on cooling. Garnish with roasted, slivered nuts.

A healthy sweet is ready in 10 minutes. A fat free dessert. You can also serve it with a scoop of ice cream. You can use it as a bread spread for kids' sandwiches too.

This is my entry to the following events :

1) The Challenge hosted by Veda Murthy (No garnish halwa fits the challenge)

2) Suganya's Vegan Ventures Round 2

3) Sweet Series-Halwa, Kathli, Burfi, Peda by Mythrayee


  1. thats a nice recipe using jaggery..lovely entry..

  2. Never had this halwa ,it looks delicious.

  3. Glad about this one! We too make beetroot halwa but with ghee. Like the idea of adding jaggery, I was thinking it would be nice to jam it between cookies too:)

  4. Thank u so much jayashree for this lovely entry! I love beet root halwa too!

  5. Lovely recipe! The color just "beets" it :)

  6. I love the color of ur halwa. Beet doesn't need to add much sweet also! Good one !

  7. I love beet dishes for the color... and It's healthy, too... Looks awesome!

  8. Lovely recipe. All your photos are simply superb. My mom uses sugar.This is very new will surly try.

  9. looks so delicious Jaya! Love the color.

  10. very good recipe!

    Have awards for you at our blog. Do pick them up. :-)

  11. been a while since I had them .. delicious

  12. I know how tasty this halwa is...:)..and picture looks great!

  13. Hi Jayasree,
    tried this out today, and my 2 yr-old loves it. Thanks for sharing this recipe :)


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