April 10, 2008

Vella Dosai

During my school days, most of my summer holidays are spent in my mom's native. Me and sister will be packed off to be with our grandparents for 2 months. Amma might join during the last week of the stay or so. So it was only two of us with thaatha and paati. How I miss those two months stay. Those were the days without TV. So it was always play and play alone. The whole day we used to spent in the backyard which is full of mango trees. We used to eat mangoes - raw, beginning to ripe, ripe ones etc. We had two kids of our neighbor to join us. So it was all fun. We cut the mangoes, mix chilly powder, salt and coconut oil. Paati used to scold if we eat more of this and she will make us eat curd rice again in the noon. Those days we used to have brunch.

Evening, when we come for tea, she will have some delicious tiffins made ready for us. This was one of them. This is a very traditional recipe. Its almost an instant kind. Whenever my paati makes this, she prepares adai also to complement the sweetness of the dosai. Even I prepared adai the same day. Shall post that later.

Wheat flour - 2 cups
jaggary - almost 1 cup. (Adjust this according to your taste)
water - 2 cups

Melt the jaggery in 1 cup of water. Remove scum if any.
Add the melted jaggery slowly to the flour and mix without forming lumps.
Adjust the consistency by adding water. Make dosa the usual way. Cook both sides.
This time I used karipatti vellam (palm jaggery) .

You can use ghee instead of oil or smear little ghee while serving if u make using oil. It will taste yummy with the flavor of ghee.

Eating Vella dosai with a dollop of homemade butter is truly out of this world.

I think it is only dosa posts for the last few days in my blog as it is the case in the blogosphere. Another entry to Srivalli's dosa mela


  1. this dosa must be tatsing nice as it has jaggery

  2. Recipe looks very simple. I tasted this once in my frds home. Nice one.

  3. never tried a sweet dosa! looks delicious.

  4. that sounds great. i think its a good idea to also make adai definitely - or make enough so each one gets only one! mmm. thanks!

  5. Nice one!! Love the idea of a dosa with jaggery.

  6. Very quick dosa, eating raw mango with chilli pwd and salt should have been heaven :)

  7. simple to make but looks so yummm...love these

  8. The recipe looks simple and looks great! Nice memories....even I miss the days spent at granny's place.

  9. my grandma makes these..love these

  10. Thanks for the lovely dosa...it must've been so yummy!

  11. This was a regular after school tiffin item for me :)

  12. thank you all.

    smn, yes , it tastes very nice. You can add some elachi pwdr too to enhance flavor

    shriya, As you said, its an easy recipe any body can try.

    uma, try this sweet version. you will like it.

    arundathi- will keep in mind ur suggestion of making just enough.

    kalai - try this simple recipe.

    cham - thinking of raw mango and chilli pwdr makes my mouthwater

    dhivya- it cannot be more simple than this.

    homecooked - now a days, kids are put into summer camps and r not giving the freedom to enjoy the summer hols on their own.

    divya, i think this is truly a grandma dish.

    srivalli, wiating for ur roundup, dear

    shalini, its best for evening tiffin isn't it. Missed your comments for sometime

  13. Wow..dosas with jaggery..sounds yummy..shall try it soon!!

  14. thanks Divya. Do try and would love to know your feedback.

  15. Vella Dosai and Avakka oorga are made for each other..


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