April 25, 2008


Milagaipodi or molagapodi as it is colloquially used, is an inevitable part of any South Indian kitchen. Each family has their own way of preparing this. Whatever be the ingredients used, ultimately when it is mixed with ghee/oil and used as side for idli/dosa, it makes a deadly combo. Even though, many number of chutneys or sambhar goes well with dosa and idly, molagapodi is one thing that anyone will crave for. It has an unique place among the sides used. The recipe is what I learnt from my mom and to my surprise I found my MIL also follows the same. Its just the choice of ingredients that vary.

Chana dal (Kadalaparippu) - 1 cup
Urad dal(split,deskinned) - 1 cup
Hing (Kaayam) - 1 tspn
Red chilly - 15 nos
Sesame seeds - 2 tblspn
Parboiled rice - 1/2 cup
salt to taste

Wash and drain the rice and dry it on a kitchen towel.
Roast dals,red chillies separately in a teaspoon of oil.
Separately dry roast rice and sesame seeds.
If you are using hing bar, drop the piece in hot oil. Let it fry for a minute. Unlike hing powder, the bar gives stronger flavor.
Powder in a mixer grinder. Usually it is not powdered fine. Coarse texture of the powder is tasty. Mine is not very coarse, thought not too fine, to suit my FIL.
Take a teaspoon of the podi. Make a well in the center and pour sesame oil and mix well. Have you tried using the left over oil after deep frying. (We call it chuttennai). Molagapodi and chuttennai is a deadly combination.


  1. wow..my fav combination with dosas..I havent prepared it on my own..My grandma prepares this n sends it to me..nice that u tried

  2. yaaa must with idlis and dosais... i love the tengai malagapodi version more... but this one is an essential....

  3. we have 3 versions at home - a "green" podi for my daughter (basically a lot of curry leaf), a sweet mild one for my husband and an extra spicy one for me! lol!!
    and i have had it with chuttennai and yes, it is DEADLY! :D

  4. I've never made my own but always have the store-bought one on hand. I like to also mix some sugar into it while eating.:-)

  5. Ahh all love all kinds of podis.. recently i made one and have posted on my blog. color of ur podi is awesome:)

  6. My son loves this pudi,everytime i used to get from India..but now that i have your recipe will make it..Thanks for sharing

  7. My son loves this pudi,everytime i used to get from India..but now that i have your recipe will make it..Thanks for sharing

  8. Adding rice is totally new to me, got to try ur recipe...

  9. divya, do try it sometime. Its so easy.

    swati, thanks for dropping by. I too make tengai podi. Have posted it too.

    arundathi, i join u for extra spicy one.

    tbc, give a try once. Hey even I love to eat with sugar for dosas.

    anjali, thanks. I think there are few who are not a fan of podis isn't it?

    rupa,thanks for dropping by. Please do try and let me know your feedback. Its very simple and easy too.

    cham, actually adding rice is optional. Nevertheless it adds to the taste. I think its mainly added to increase the quantity.

  10. only recently I started experimenting with powders. They are extremly deliscious, just on plain rice. Thanks for introducing another one.

  11. zlamushka, Thanks for dropping by my blog and leave your comments here.
    This podi is more used as dips for dosa/idly. Please do try this and would like to know your feedback.


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